iotspot: the smart workspace platform

For a new type of office

iotspot creates a collaborative meeting place with flexible organisation of the space out of a fixed arrangement of seating and workspaces.

iotspot makes buildings transparent in real time: Where are there free spaces to work alone? Where can team areas be designated? Capacities can be redivided every day.

iotspot changes the company culture and translates these changes into processes. The office becomes a space for meeting each other that can be scaled up or down on a modular basis.

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What exactly is iotspot?

iotspot is a smart workspace platform and provides information about whether desks and rooms are occupied, and about capacity, the climate and office utilisation. As a workplace booking system, it facilitates smart desk management. The IoT-supported hardware works using Plug & Play and does not have to be integrated into the IT system. Facility Management and Human Resources use the platform to optimise capacities. The users operate the system using an app as a central, intuitive operating unit.

Integrated iotspot module

Identified by a clear symbol; an LED ring lights up and indicates the status. Supports LTE-M, NFC, beacon and Bluetooth connectivity.

Optimal power distribution

Simply arrive and get to work: iotspot not only makes it extremely easy to find a workplace – DESK 2 also ensures that each desk is equipped with power connections and is kept tidy.

Custom module

Flexible design: in addition to using iotspot as a central module, the DESK 2 can also be equipped with video, audio and network connections.

USB Charger

Integrated into the DESK 2, universal USB chargers conveniently charge mobile devices

Monitoring and optimisation with iotspot

The Facility Management receives detailed data and analyses on workplace utilisation and, therefore, valuable knowledge about optimising costs and efficiency:

  • 100 % transparency about utilisation, user behaviour and bookings
  • Facts instead of speculation
  • Clear preparation in customisable dashboards
  • Data basis for efficient optimisation measures

Advantages of iotspot

  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Intuitive app
  • Informative facility dashboards
  • No need for network integration

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