Our solutions

For the transformation in the office and working world 

Our answer for a new office 

Intensive research and development surrounding New Work helps us to offer innovative technologies that make companies as well-equipped as possible for new challenges. 

With our Next Generation Office solutions, we deliver intelligent systems that provide superior added value. At BACHMANN, users are at the forefront. Our solutions are intuitive and flexible. They impress by modern design and high functionality.

Our approach to New Work
Organising everyday life flexibly and efficiently, from relocation management to teamwork. Furthermore, creating professional environments where people feel comfortable and providing them with the tools to make life easier.

Our Next Generation Office products by BACHMANN at a glance

room overview
iotspot: come on in and discover efficient hot desking and smart workplace management using iotspot in our desk connection panel
independent monitor: Flexible and available everywhere, we will show you how easy it is to collaborate using the independent monitor
We will show you different flexible work situations using the Indepent Workplace
Our different solutions for different new work possibilitys
Das Büro von morgen mit technologien von bachmann
iotspot zur organisation von der Arbeitsplätze
Der Independent Monitor macht mobile Meetings ganz einfach
Der Independent Workplace erleichtert mobile Arbeitsformen
Übersicht Bachmann NGO Produkte

Next Generation Office

Our solutions feature exactly the functionality that is necessary to make the workplace flexible and efficient. Rigid infrastructures are a thing of the past. The Next Generation Office product portfolio helps to turn challenges into opportunities – and fear into curiosity. It also increases well-being in the workplace.

Save sustainable resources

Support for human resources and facility managers: our systems meet the requirements for smart workplace management and support savings in infrastructural resources.

See for yourself!
Whether in an open-plan office, start-up or big companies: our range of technical components provide the perfect solution for every environment.

Our approach

To create work environments in which people feel comfortable and have access to tools that they want to use rather than those they must use.

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