Desks are a thing of the past – flexibility is now

Workplace transition – ideally, in just one day

The call for flexible, convenient infrastructures in buildings is becoming ever louder – the structure of the power supply network is also involved. Companies are changing their working environments, even down to incorporating comprehensive Smart Work concepts. This is paving the way for a more flexible use of space. At the same time, the way of cooperation has changed considerably in recent years.

Agile, interdisciplinary project teams meet for spontaneous meetings; collaboration is becoming increasingly important. As a result, the modern working environment not only has to be energy-efficient, it must also be in a position to adapt to any restructuring or relocation with flexibility. Last but not least, convenient use is just as important as an attractive design that matches the innovative interior of the modern office world.

Our solution for Flexible Work

Flexible. Dynamic. Desk.

Project-based, flexible working whether in a team or alone – with the Independent Workplace from BACHMANN, cutting-edge features are no longer just a vision of the future. Various scenarios can already be incorporated into the daily routine today. From mobile touchdown areas right through to fully fledged workplaces: The Independent Workplace’s modular system enables maximum flexibility.

Rigidity is a thing of the past – welcome to the future of agility

Autonomous of the power supply system and traditional building infrastructure, the wireless workplace can be flexibly and portably positioned wherever it is needed. The Independent Workplace is supplied as an expandable system kit. It comprises coordinated components that ensure the desired mobility and spontaneity. Thanks to an innovative battery storage system, it lasts a full working day.

A power-distribution unit in the form of a multi-converter serves as the interface between various end devices and the power supply. Unregulated battery voltage is converted appropriately and supplies compatible hardware with the required operating voltage.

100% New Work

Sophisticated. Functional. Flexible.

A modular system that brings agility to life: Throughout the working day, employees can work in alternating work situations or environments. BACHMANN guarantees utmost flexibility using the Independent Workplace system kit.

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With these BACHMANN classics, your office of the future is not just equipped with innovations – the perfect accessories for Flexible Work.

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From touch-down workplaces to complete solutions, from local to mobile. Different features and accessory products ensure even greater flexibility and well-being.

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