For the office of tomorrow.

And beyond.

Project work

Experts from different areas come together at short notice and at a specific period. And what do they need? Uncomplicated and free office and room concepts, as well as flexible working tools.

Desk sharing

Not every workstation is used all day, every day. Cleverly planned utilisation saves resources and costs but must also be comprehensible and accessible to all.


Cooperation and exchange between employees, teams and across departments – this allows flexible work and presentation tools that ensure we can work spontaneously and with agility.

The world of work is changing

Project-based working, desk sharing and collaboration are only some of the numerous concepts that are pointing the way to a future in which our day-to-day work will be influenced by flexible and innovative ways of working together.

To enable this new type of cooperation, appropriate building and workplace infrastructure must be put in place. This is particularly true for power and data supply in offices and conference spaces. The challenge here is to respond as efficiently as possible to regular restructuring, ground-breaking technologies and new forms of teamwork.

Our Answer

Our Next Generation Office solutions already provide innovative technologies that best equip companies to meet the requirements of tomorrow and beyond.

At BACHMANN, users are at the forefront. Our solutions are intuitive and flexible; they do not get in the way but rather help us to concentrate on what matters.

Our approach: To create work environments in which people feel comfortable and have access to tools that they want to use rather than those they have to use.

Long-term solutions for future-oriented and modern offices

Our modern solutions offer just the right level of functionality to flexibly and efficiently shape teamwork and implementation management.

Independent Monitor

Independent Monitor

Conventional meeting and collaboration solutions are permanently installed or at least require connection to building services for electricity and data.

The Independent Monitor is based on battery technology + WLAN and is thus the first fully independent meeting and presentation tool.


    100% Independent

    Position anywhere. And everywhere.

    Thanks to advanced battery technology and special DC (direct current) components, the Independent Monitor is completely wireless and can therefore be used independently of any building infrastructure.

    Be flexible. Move your meeting to wherever you’d like.

    Ready and waiting. Always.

    Take it along to meetings called at short notice, a presentation in the lobby or a scrum meeting on the shop floor – the Independent Monitor is always at the ready.

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    iotspot – Smart workspace platform

    The office of tomorrow –  for employees and facility management of today

    Do you know the real occupancy of the workstations within your office? Maybe a desk-sharing model already exists, but finding free workstations is not that easy – a nightmare scenario for employees. For employers? This clearly represents expensive yet empty office space.

    With iotspot, workstations can be reserved, booked and found quickly and easily. And Facility Management receives detailed data and analyses on workstation utilisation and thus valuable knowledge for cost optimization.


      100% New Work

      Everything in view

      With iotspot, you always have an overview of how your offices and workstations are being used. Display unused seats as well as overcrowding, clearly displayed by office, location or time period.

      Creating pleasant working environments

      Incidentally, in addition to room utilization, iotspot can also show you the room climate. In addition, the BACHMANN PDU offers convenient electricity and network connections. With this knowledge, easily create workspaces that are not only accessible to all employees, but also pleasant and comfortable.

      Your new favourite place

      Functions such as the building map, the “Colleague Finder” or the “Do Not Disturb” mode meet the highest demands for customizability – the office as your employees’ new favourite place.

      Ready for the future

      iotspot constantly extend their solution by innovative sensors for different working environments and application fields that can be implemented into our BACHMANN connection panels.

      Smart Plug & Play

      As a module installed in one of our BACHMANN connection panels, workstations as well as conference rooms are quickly and easily equipped with iotspot. UMTS standard and an additional app round off the system.

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