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Home Office, meetings and the increasing amount of project work are leading to desks that are not permanently occupied and unnecessary costs for employees. To solve these problems, utilise efficient workplace management and a new way of working: Desk Sharing.

Whether you are in a co-working space or an open-plan office: Flexible workplace options are intended to encourage mutual exchange and increase productivity, in addition to minimising costs. Currently, however, there is often a daily search in flexible offices for a free workplace, project partners or the desired peace that employees crave to face the stress of the morning. This is despite the fact that facility monitoring often shows a low office occupancy rate.

Our solution for your Desk Sharing

Social distance easily in your office 

Your employees are unable to work from home, or you would like to plan the return to the office building? During Covid-19 you need to manage the capacity of your office, the arrangement of your workplace and of course the health of your employees. 

No problem with the new feature of iotspot! An easy-to-install desk sticker and the iotspot app will help you to keep the distance even in the office. 

Book a workplace – wherever you are

Thanks to the intelligent iotspot app, there is nothing stopping you from starting the day the right way – simply open the app and off you go! As iotspot is integrated into a BACHMANN desk connection panel, that annoying search for a free space, your project partner or the desired silence is a thing of the past. Workplaces and meeting rooms can quickly and easily been searched and booked. Do you work across different locations? No problem! The app lists all buildings and floors. You can even choose between the standard view and an extendible, detailed map view of your work area.

The office of tomorrow – available today for employees and facility managers

Do you know the actual extent of workplace utilisation in your building? Or perhaps you already have a desk-sharing model, but one where workplaces are difficult to find? A real nightmare for employees. And for employers? That’s quite simple: expensive office space standing empty

With iotspot integrated into a BACHMANN design connection panel, such as the DESK 2, it is quick and easy to search for, find and reserve workplaces.

Not only that: facility managers will receive detailed data and analyses on workplace utilisation and therefore also valuable knowledge with a view to cost optimisation.

100% New Work

Everything at a glance

With iotspot, you can see how your offices and workplaces are utilised at a glance. You can view unused spaces and over-utilisation, clearly displayed by office, location, or time period.

Creating comfortable working environments

In addition to space utilisation, iotspot can also display the room climate. The BACHMANN PDU also provides convenient electricity and network connections. Armed with this knowledge, you can design offices that are not just accessible for all employees, but are also pleasant and comfortable to work in.

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